Premium: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Getaway: East Village Large Cabin (Max 2 Guests)

06/11/2019 through 04/13/2020
06/18/2019 through 04/24/2020
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Premium: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Getaway: East Village Large Cabin (Max 2 Guests)
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located in the Lapland wilderness, along the road to the Arctic Sea. The environment is one of the cleanest in the world. In fact, the water is pure enough to drink straight from the stream. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is an ideal place for viewing the Northern Lights because of its location approximately 150 miles above the Arctic Circle. There is virtually no light pollution and very few trees blocking your line of vision. Aurora Borealis is visible from late August to late April, and statistically the best time to see them is just before midnight. One of the best ways to see the Northern Lights is from a glass Igloo.

This family resort features two restaurants, two bars, event venues, a gift shop in both the eastern and western villages with souvenirs and local handicrafts and a variety of accommodations from wooden cabins to glass igloos to queen suites. There are three, different-sized smoke saunas that can accommodate up to 100 bathers at the same time. For a refreshing experience, guests can enjoy ice swimming in the cold spring waters.

For your convenience, the resort offers equipment rental (skis, snowshoes, sleds, bicycles, etc.) and apparel rental (winter overalls, rain clothes, rubber boots, etc.).


Day 541558 Lapland, Finland

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